Saturday, February 02, 2008

All I Wanted Was Some Coffee

So this morning I am curled up in my chair watching a Lifetime movie that I recorded before Christmas and finally had time to watch. (Clarification: I DO NOT watch Lifetime but this movie had Genie Francis in it and I love her from my General Hospital days--Viva Luke and Laura!) So I am about 20 minutes into this movie and I decide that a cup of coffee would be great right now, but I remember that I used the last bit of coffee creamer yesterday and since I DO NOT do coffee without creamer (milk will not do), I decide to run over to the Rocket Bakery and treat myself to a delicious cup of White Chocolate Mocha. So I get dressed and all layered up with jacket, gloves, etc. (see, already the Lifetime movie-coffee relax vibe is deteriorating) and go down to my car in the garage, open the garage door to discover that my driveway is PLOWED IN. I should have just gone upstairs, sucked it up and had coffee with milk and sugar but no, I was determined. Twenty minutes of shovelling rock-hard chunks of heavy ice and I was only halfway through the berm. So I put down the shovel and get into my car, throw it in reverse and go all Dukes of Hazzard over the berm and into the street. I push the button on the garage door remote to close the garage and nothing happens. So I get my cell phone out to call Leo to tell him to close the garage door because my remote died. And of course my cell phone is dead. So I do the next best thing, which is sit in my car in the middle of the street on a peaceful Saturday morning and honk my horn like crazy until Leo looks out the window. I ask him to close the garage door, so he very grudgingly comes downstairs and pushes the button in the garage and again, nothing happens. So he goes back upstairs, leaving me out in the street to figure out what to do. So I Duke of Hazard it back into my driveway and push the garage door button myself, as if my pushing the button will somehow scare the garage door into operation. It does not. Now, I am surprisingly calm through this whole thing, I think I was tired from the shovelling. So I assess the situation, and realize that I set the snow shovel down in front of the garage door sensor thingie and that's why the door won't come down. And what do you know, after I move the shovel the door works just fine! So I Evel Knievel it back over the snow berm again, and finally get to the Rocket Bakery. And everything was fine until the sweet girls behind the counter asked me how my day was going. They were very sympathetic when they heard my story and suggested that I make my white chocolate mocha a double. So I did, and that is why I am sitting here typing about 500 words a minute with a million typos in each sentence. Obviously I am not going to sit back down and watch that stupid movie now! I am going to make soup. And beer bread, if someone brings me some beer because I am NOT going back out there. So there is my story. I will now take a deep breath and go turn on Soul Train. Thank you for listening.


Jennifer said...

Do you still need someone to bring beer? =)

Anonymous said...

You are a great blogger, even though the snow has become a big problem, you still make it funny. Life is a grand adventure. :)