Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stupid Hormones!

I have a hard time concealing my emotions on a good day, but throw in some PMS hormones and there is no concealing anything. So it's Saturday morning and I am trying to catch up on my tv watching that I record all week. Here is the lineup:
1) Celebrity Rehab
2) Gone Country
3) Oprah
Sounds benign enough, right? Wrong.
So I'm watching Celebrity Rehab and the celebrities are getting ready to go back out into the real world and they are emotional so I start crying too for no apparent reason. I don't mind crying for a reason, but no reason? Ugh. Fortunately, Gone Country gave me plenty of reasons to cry. The singers went to visit a childrens hospital in Nashville, and seeing all those ill kids just tore me up and made me so grateful that my kids are healthy. Now by this time I am a mess. This is not what I bargained for when I sat down with my coffee to relax, sobbing through half a box of tissue. So I get through that, and then it's Oprah with the Jim Carrey, Carol Burnett and Steve Carrell, three of the funniest people ever. I think I am home free with the crying, but no. As Jim Carrey is introducing Carol Burnett and talking about her influence on his 10 year old life, I think about how much I used to love her show and how as a kid I used to cry when the season was over and there would be no more Carol Burnett for the summer. And that got me going again! So there I am crying and thinking that if my kids walk in right now they may have me committed. But I soldiered on through Oprah, which was mostly funny, and for the record I did laugh too, sometimes maniacally! Clearly the only solution was to turn off the tv, so I tried, but now my Saturday morning Soul Train is on, and the Captain and Tennille are going to perform! I can't miss that, it will be hilarious! I blame this whole tv debacle on hormones. So if you are my friend or family and would like a seat on my emotional roller coaster, call now! No guarantees on what might come out of my mouth though.

Thanks, Estrogen!

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