Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Very Fun Musical Day

It started this morning when I got Leo up for school by singing "git up, git on up" which is from the song Sex Machine by James Brown. This does not make me a bad mom because I didn't tell Leo to stay on the scene like a sex machine, I only told him to git up. So Leo says to me, "Why do you do that?", Meaning, why do I sing. So I answered in my customary loving mom way--"It makes me happy, shut up!"
So then I leave for work and when I turn on the XM, guess what is playing--Sex Machine! It was like a musical affirmation, permission for me to sing and be happy. And I was, I don't think anyone had more fun driving to work today than me. After Sex Machine I heard Blue Jean by David Bowie and then it was Union of the Snake by Duran Duran, it was so much fun!
Then tonight Faythe came over to watch American Idol, it was a 2 hour show, and I'm sure that by tomorrow she will have her post up, it's all about crying! We laughed and laughed tonight. Then after she left I put on the Oprah from today and oh my god David Cassidy was on!! If you want to know how I feel about David Cassidy, go here. The ladies in the audience were totally losing it over him and if I had been there I would have lost it too. Instead I limited myself to much gleeful giggling and more singing.
I swear, music is the thing that consistantly makes me happy whenever I hear it. It can change me from a grumpy girl into a happy girl just like that. And today I have been happy all day. Thanks, music!

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Sara said...

Grace usually finds my singing amusing (I'll make up a song about anything) but every once in awhile she'll go "Mommy, stop. I don't want you to do that."

Me: "Well, you don't get to tell me what to do!" *continues singing*

Ha! Mother of the year, I tell you.