Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Snow Big Snow

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when it snows on you? (Apologies to COPS watchers everywhere!)

Seriously, this snow is never going to quit, it is just going to snow and snow and Leo will never have to go to school again, which is fine because he has played so much World of Warcraft this week that I'm sure he'll be able to make a living from it someday!

And while Leo's snow day has turned into a snow week, I am not so lucky. I get to drive through the slooshy streets every morning and evening because somebody has to work around here, how can the two teenage boys eat me out of house and home if I have no house and home?

The weather is the talk of the town, and I have learned some new snow lingo:

"PLOWED IN" -- This means that you didn't move your parked car off the street before the snow plow came and pushed a huge wall of hard ice and snow on your car and buried it so deep you can't get it out. Ex.--"There is a car on my street that is PLOWED IN so deep that it's not coming out until March!"

"STATE OF EMERGENCY" -- This is what the Governor of Washington declares so that your town can get more money for snow removal. Which really isn't removal at all, they just push it in front of your driveway so that you have to shovel it if you want to leave your house.


I am learning so much!

Here are some more icicle pictures. I will get out this weekend with the camera so you can compare this week to last week. See ya!

They're like three feet long!

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