Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Trip To Costco

We went to Costco last night. I have been wanting a dry erase board for a while now, and since it is back to school time, they had them, so I bought one. I plan on using it for various lists and reminders. My kids, however, especially Max, plan on using it as a giant doodle board.

Notice my warning to them:

This amounts to an open invitation, and I took these pictures to document the before. The after I will post later.

I also got these:

Notice my warning this time:

Another open invitation, except I was telling the truth, they really won't like these! HAHAHA!!


What did I tell you? Here is what I found when I got home from work:

They also told me that they didn't like my snacks, I told them they wouldn't!! Lest we forget who we are dealing with here:


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