Friday, August 10, 2007

Antique Living in a Modern World

I think sometimes about technology and how far it has come in such a short time. Just 20 years ago the VCR was big business, and now it's obsolete. I remember when I was young how excited I was for us to get a modern push button phone, and our microwave oven was huge and had these giant buttons. I remember about 25 years ago when my best friend Tami had a TV with remote control. You pushed the button and the TV dial actually turned. The word "digital" was not in common vocabulary back then.

Today, I am in no way tech savvy. I know how to operate a computer in the most basic way, I know my way around the internet, but that's about it. I do not have an iPod, I still own CD's and play them. I do not text message, I just call people and talk to them. My children have all that modern stuff and the knowledge to use it, because that is the world they are growing up in.

Every once in a while my kids and I all sit down in front of the computer and that is when I learn stuff. For instance, last night I learned about Chocolate Rain, and what it is to be Rickrolled. And while I'm glad my kids take the time to show me stuff because it means that they don't think I am hopelessly out of touch with the world, I'm a little irritated this morning because I can't get that stupid Chocolate Rain song out of my head!

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