Monday, August 27, 2007

Changes Afoot

Well, this weekend I finally quit Comcast. Their phone service (VOIP) sucks, and our DVR was spotty too. I found out that with Qwest (I know) I could get DirecTV, a land line with unlimited long distance and fast internet for about $20 a month cheaper. We will see. So far the DirecTV has been great with none of the pixelly pausey crap that we were having with Comcast. The phone and internet won't be switched over until next week. This means that I will be getting rid of (go ahead spammers!) If I have your email address I will be sending a mass email from the new address, I think it will be a gmail one. Probably along the lines of my first name dot my last name at gmail dot com. Anyway, I may be without the internet for a few days so that should be interesting. Maybe I'll wash the dishes or vacuum. Hey, it could happen!

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