Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OMG Cartoons!

OK so now we have DirecTV and now we get Boomerang, which are all the old Hanna-Barbaera cartoons. Tonight we watched the Banana Splits and Wacky Races. The cartoons were funny but the gem of the bunch was a live action short called "Danger Island". What a riot! Anyway, I got on the Boomerang website and stumbled across a profile of one of my two favorite cartoonists, Tex Avery (the other being Chuck Jones of course). This got me thinking about some of my favorite Tex Avery cartoons, so I googled "Symphony of Slang" and guess what, they are all on YouTube!! I am so happy!! So now it is time for you to be happy too. Start Here. One of the best cartoons ever. Be sure to watch the above-mentioned "Symphony of Slang", also "The Cat That Hated People", and the "Tomorrow" series: House of Tomorrow, Farm of Tomorrow, TV of Tomorrow, etc. I don't care what anybody says, the "cartoons" of today simply do not compare to these. Tex Avery and Chuck Jones were masters of the genre, and that's that. OK, now I'm going back to YouTube to see if I can find "Hillbilly Hare". Found it!

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