Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Sparkly Day

Today is a beaurtiful day here in Spokane. I just got back from the Farmers Market. Everything is in season now, and the market was packed. I came away with some goodies, though, and also was reminded of a happy high school memory by these:

This little bouquet of flowers reminded me of my old friend Jim. He was in my little group of rag tag friends, we called ourselves The Junkyard Gang and we called each other by our Junkyard names, which were taken from the turn of the century (the one before last). My Junkyard name was Gertrude. Other Junkyard Gang names were, Ethel, Hank, Agatha, Elmo, and Flo (which was her real name). Jim's Junkyard name was Igmo, which wasn't very grandpa-like, but seemed to fit him. He was really funny, and would do anything for a laugh. We exploited this quality in him often! But those aren't the memories I have today. My memory today was this. When we would cut school, which was almost every day, we would walk around town and in the spring all the flowers in the old Italian ladies' yards would be in bloom. I would get Jim to sneak into their yards and pick flowers for me, which he did at almost every house. And by the time we got to downtown, I would have a bouquet just like this one. Those were happy, carefree times. Jim lives in Portland and I hardly ever talk to him, but I think I will try to today.

Also at the market I got these:

There is already one peach missing from this box, it was great! We are going to make peach salsa today, even though we don't know how we are not going to let that stop us.

But first I have to wash my dishes. I put some of the flowers on the windowsill above my sink so I will have a happy dishwashing experience:

I wish you all sparkly days and happy dishwashing experiences!


Jennifer said...

We were stopped at the same light on 2nd this morning by Frank's Diner. I tried and tried to get your attention but you looked absolutely happy humming along to the radio! Now I know why. =)

lornadoone said...

The farmer's market is just the best place to go!