Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What I Did This Evening

First I took some pictures of my porch garden, only one is worth posting. I think I might need a better camera or maybe I should learn to work the one I have.

This is the only good one, the rest suck. But anyway, I like my fuschia, the blossoms look like little lanterns.

So after I was done on my porch, I decided to take a drive. I went out Northwest Blvd up onto Highway 291, past Tum Tum and Long Lake. Then I turned right on Highway 231, past Ford to Springdale. There I turned right on Highway 292 to Loon Lake, where I turned right yet again on Highway 395, which took me back to Spokane. It was a beautiful drive which took about 2 hours and covered I think about 90-100 miles. Highly highly recommended.

Now I am home and I think I will have something cold to drink and then fall asleep in front of the TV. Let the good times roll!

1 comment:

Inkblot said...

I love this picture! Its so gorgeous. If half your pictures look beautiful like this, you are doing great!