Thursday, June 21, 2007

Four Days Into The List

And what have I done? Not much! Oh, I've knit and crocheted, and watched some stuff from Netflix, but have I lifted a finger around this house, let alone take a walk? Heck No! I thought I would be lonelier than this but so far I have just been enjoying not having to watch "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" every night with the boys. I have plenty of time to waste on the internet, and I have eaten reuben sandwiches for dinner 3 out of 4 nights. It helps to have nice people like Jennifer and Faythe to hang out with from time to time. And I don't have to ask someone to get out of my favorite chair so I can take a nap.
But don't think I am a heartless mom who doesn't miss her kids. I do, but so far just talking to them on the phone a few times a day has been enough. And I know this new found freedom will get old shortly and my tune will change as the weeks go by. But this week has been ok. There will be time for the rest of the stuff on the list next week, right?


Anonymous said...

omg mom i cant believe you blogged about this sheesh 3 out of 4 nights thats dumd ive been eating dog food omg i cant believe you wrote that. i stopped after the first paragraph i couldnt take it any longer.


Jennifer said...

Thanks again for eating barbecue with me last night. It was fantastic!

Baa Bonny Belle said... sounds as if you are doing just fine without the boys. Enjoy it...after all the years you have put in, time for yourself.

I'm over in Graham, Washington. About 40 miles south of Seattle. Grew up in Tacoma...moved out to five acres in 01', livin' the country life with chickens, my garden and spinning wheel. I'm five days away from my six week summer break (work for a local elementary), should I make a list or just wing it for my summer?

Good to meet ya'. Sherrill