Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Am Having A Great Day!

It started this morning, as days often do. First I went to a rummage sale at a church in my neighborhood and bought a round turquoise Pyrex baking dish for 50 cents! Then I went down to the farmers market and bought some veggies for tonights Supper Club and some happy little sunflower plants 4 for 1.00. Then I went the Goodwill and got some super nice glasses for the mojitos we will be having tonight. They were super cheap and really really nice! All this getting stuff cheap was making me very happy! Plus it is a beautiful day and the trees are so full and green and the squirrels are so cute! So then when I get home I put in my Led Zeppelin DVD and that made me so happy I wanted to cry, I was that happy. But I did not cry, instead I baked a cake for Supper Club tonight that pretty much summarizes everything:

Now I have to go prep the veggies for Supper Club, the theme is Sandwiches and Mojitos. And Cake.

Hope everyone is having a great day too!


Anonymous said...

omg i hate thet show happy days hope super club was a blast g2g bye ok bye now max

Inkblot said...

I love the random Happy Day cake. I had a friend in high school who would give people cards on, say, a Tuesday just to let them know how much she loved them. I have always been very taken with the idea and your cake reminded me of it.