Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Apron Gives Me Power!

I can't really explain it. It all started last week when SusanLynn and I went to Greenbluff and bought aprons. We realized that we looked just like our Tantes, who were 2 of my grandma's sisters, Tante Paula and Tante Frieda. Tante Paula was an excellent baker and Tante Frieda was an awesome needleworker. They were born and raised in Germany but lived close to us when I was a kid. They were both gone by the time I was about 12. Anyway, they always wore their aprons. So when my sister and I put on our aprons, we realized that we were carrying on a legacy. And you know what? My sister is an awesome cook, and I am a decent needleworker. That makes me Tante Frieda and her Tante Paula. Here we are in our aprons:

So I have been wearing my apron this week while I cook and clean and iron and knit and somehow it makes me feel more confident in my domestic abilities. Even when I melted Max's nylon belt with the iron, I still didn't feel bad because I had the apron on. I even tackled the knitter's nemesis: double pointed needles, and I wasn't intimidated! In fact, I made a hat! And tonight, I'm going to make dinner, that's twice this week! Who knows what's next, I may bake a cake, or even sew something!

Thanks Tante Frieda!


Jennifer said...

Those aprons are totally cute! Where in Greenbluff did you find them?

Karla said...

They were at Walters Fruit Ranch for 10.00. They are made by the Hutterites.