Friday, June 15, 2007

I Want A Month!

I read this blog called Something Good. It's all about good things that we can do for ourselves, each other, humanity and the planet. LornaDoone's posts are always thoughtful and informative. Well, in this post there is a list of all the things that the month of June is. Like how February is Black History month, June has a lot of things in its' month. Let's talk about some of them.

1) Cancer From The Sun Month--It sounds like you are supposed to go get some cancer from the sun! They should have put the word AWARENESS in the title.
2) Fireworks Safety Month--You would think that would be in July, but I guess they are being pro-active.
3) International Accordion Awareness Month--Now we're talkin'! I think I need to go to Faythe's house right now and watch the Big Joe Polka Show!
4) Lane Courtesy Month and Learn French Month--I think these two should go hand in hand. When someone cuts you off after you have shown lane courtesy, you can swear at them in French!
5) National Candy Month, National Soul Food Month, and National Steakhouse Month--These should be every month, I think.
6) Potty Training Awareness Month--My good friend Shannon is doing battle with her three-year-old who refuses to poop on the potty, so of course I had to call her right away and inform her that this is her month!
7) Rebuild Your Life Month--Can a person rebuild their life in one month? And what if a person's life falls apart in July? Do they have to wait until next June to rebuild it?

There were many other causes on the list that were very worthwhile and not so outlandish. My question is, is there some big calendar authority that listens to your cause and grants you a month, or can anyone just declare a month for their cause without permission? Because if it's the latter, then hear me now--I am declaring the month of June to be National Karla Is A Wonderful Person Awareness Month. Because I am a wonderful person. And now you are aware of it. Please tell everybody you know!


Anonymous said...

no the moth is national month of awareness

lornadoone said...


I'm glad you like the blog. I feel so embarrassed because I haven't been updating since my laptop went kaput. I'm hoping to get my act back in gear this week! I'm going to have to check out your knitting blog.

And what if a person's life falls apart in July? Do they have to wait until next June to rebuild it?

That made me giggle. I'm a firm believer that any time of the year that it occurs to you, it's probably an o.k. time to rebuild. ;-)

Sara said...

Haha, Potty Training Month. Oh, Grace is perfectly "aware" but I say the chances of her magically deciding she wants to do it within the next 10 days are slim.