Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Fast and Fun Time

This week flew by because every night I spent cleaning and preparing because my sister came into town for a visit! She got here on Thursday night and left this afternoon. We crammed a lot of stuff into 42 hours! We did a lot of driving around, which included trips to Idaho last night and Green Bluff this morning. It's all pretty much a blur, but here is what I remember.

1) Last night driving into Idaho we hit a swarm of bugs on the freeway. My windshield was a gross mess and this morning we had to scrub it for like 10 minutes to get all the bug guts off.

2) We ate huckleberry pancakes at Walters Fruit Ranch and we both bought aprons that were made by the Hutterites and now we both look like our great aunt Tante Paula.

3) We went to not one but two TJ Maxx stores and bought dishes at both of them.

4) We drove through (and I do mean through) the Gonzaga campus. Good thing it was deserted or else I would have run over a lot of people. On the other hand, if there had been a lot of people I wouldn't have been driving down walkways and off sidewalks.

5) My sister got to see a marmot! I didn't see a marmot until I lived here for like 8 months, she's here for 12 hours and she sees one. Go figure.

6) When I got home from work yesterday, I discover that SOMEONE had incarcerated the Ugly Ass Chickens. And that SOMEONE left a note. In my sister's handwriting. Hmmmm...

When I asked my sister about it she tried to pin it on the bowler, as he appears to be fleeing the scene, but I believe he was framed.

My sister is a stinker! I miss her already!


Sara said...

Hey, I've lived here for 4 years, and have only seen the butt end of a marmot dashing into the grass, so you did better than me!

Sara said...

I do see lots of quail though, which gives me an opportunity to yell "QuailyQuailyQuaily...." amusing only to me, maybe.

Tea Rose said...

Free the chickens!

Jennifer said...

Framed! I can't tell you how much I love a good pun.