Thursday, November 02, 2006

OK Back to Nothing

1) On Halloween we got 8 kids total at the door. The last group of three were Leo's friends and we just poured the candy bowl into their bags. Next year I'm buying like 15 or 20 full size bars and that's it. I will finally be living my dream of being the House with the Full Size Candy Bars!

2) It sort of snowed a little bit today. I'm a little freaked out about driving in the winter but today was okay.

3) I learned 4 new stitches at knitting class tonight, I can now increase and decrease--YAY! Next week I'm going to start knitting slippers!

4) I figured out why I number things in my posts, it's because of my mom. She used to talk in numbers--"Now Karla, while I'm gone, Number One, do the dishes. Number Two, there are mini pizzas in the freezer. Number Three, don't let anyone in the house while I'm gone." I never did Number Three. Number One either for that matter.

5) Thanks to everyone who commented about my brother, I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.

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