Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Can't Get Enough Of That Funky Stuff


I have the CD playing on my computer as I type this. I have heard these songs a million times and I never get tired of them. My kids have heard them a million times too. I hope when they get older they will love this stuff as much as I do. And even if they don't it's ok because these songs are permanently burned into their minds, so that in 50 years if they hear one of these funky 70's songs they will think of their crazy old mom and how we used to disco dance in the living room on Saturday nights when they were kids.

1 comment:

max your son said...

yes. kids. kids who didnt know any better. kids who couldnt think for themselves. very very young kids. and ill never have the recipe again. aggggaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnn!