Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday Morning Star Trek

Kirk and Spock are hot!

Every Saturday morning on G4 they show like 6 Star Treks in a row. It has become a fun habit to get up Saturday morning and turn it on. Here are some random quotes from this morning, some from Star Trek, some from us.

"Why is Chekov's hair teased into a bouffant?"

"Not jack-off, Max, Chek-ov!"

"He's dead, Jim."

"Kirk is going to kiss her, you can tell because clarinets are playing."

"My name is Khan. Welcome to Fantasy Island."

"I'm afraid he's dead, Jim."

"Look, it's Julie Newmar!"

"Her hair looks like the marble rye from Seinfeld."

"That is not a giant cat, they just built a tiny hallway and put the cat in it."

"That's not makeup, it's peanut butter. Extra chunky."

"That man is dead, Jim."

In closing, a Saturday morning with Kirk and the Gang is time well spent.

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