Wednesday, August 23, 2006


If I had been the one to write the previous post it would have gone like this. And the reason I didn't write it is that I was watching Law and Order--dun dun!

I only worked half a day today and then had to take Leo to the orthodontist because he is ready for phase 2 of his braces. His new ortho has a very cool office way up in the north end of town and since we were up there we did some school clothes shopping for the boys. We were hungry so we went to Red Robin for lunch. Their burgers are really good AND they have fun coasters. It seems inevitable that when we go out to eat that at some point the pens come out and things start becoming works of art. We never draw on menus but pretty much everything else is fair game. Napkins, sugar packets and especially those paper kids menus. Anyway, Red Robin has coasters that just beg to be drawn on, so of course we did. And in sticking with his emo theme of late, made the coaster's sad face into an emo kid. I think that if you add a little mustache to it, then it will look like Hitler. A little emo Hitler.
When Max signed off on the previous post he used the letters POMK. I knew all the other abbreviations but I had never heard of POMK. Apparently it stands for Puke On My Keyboard. Why I do not know. Is puking on one's keyboard such a common occurrence that they have to have an abbreviation for it?

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