Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Feather in Spokane's Cap

Spokane has 4 seasons, the normal ones. But a local told me that Spokane only has two seasons: Winter and Construction. The cold winter prohibits road crews from working, so they schedule all their road projects in the summer. The bad news is that in the summer there are a lot of detours while they do road work. However, and this is new to me: The road projects are finished by winter. In CA, they take FOREVER to do a road project because they can work year-round on it. And by work I mean 5 guys standing around looking at one guy working. Maybe. Sometimes they all stand around, don't they have an office to have their meetings at, why do they want to have them in the middle of the freeway? Anyway, the subject of this post is not stupid CalTrans.
This summer, part of the Interstate was closed while they resurface the highway. This has meant that the freeway entrance closest to my house has been closed, forcing me to drive through downtown and adding about 10 minutes to my commute. I have been looking forward to mid-September when they will be done. Well, yesterday in the paper I read where the freeway is going to open back up by next week, it seems the road crews finished the project THREE WEEKS EARLY. That blows my mind. And makes me very happy.
And another thing. I have never seen a place where people actually go the speed limit. I'm not kidding, if the sign says 60, they do 60. If the sign says 20, they do 20! It's amazing, I actually kind of like it! Also, there are a lot of intersections with no stop signs around here, and people are so courteous, they are like those two gophers in the Warner Brothers cartoons, after you, no after you, no I insist! It's great. Of course I'd be lying if I said there were no speeders or jerks on the road, of course they are everywhere, but there isn't that mass disregard for the speed limit like there is in CA. It's good.

After you!


Jennifer said...

I'm so happy the Maple street on ramp is opening!

While I love driving through town, it took way too long in the morning. Plus, at night, with the detour, 2nd and Maple was impossible.

jstansy said...

When will it be done? You said three weeks early, but when does that mean?

Faythe said...

I'm still getting used to dealing with people driving the speed limit up here. *shaking fist at cop who gave me a ticket 2 months ago* I may have grown up in the Pacific Northwest, but I learned to drive in California!

Karla said...

I read they were going to be finished by sometime next week, but then they found a problem with the eastbound Division St off ramp, so that will take longer but I am hoping that by the time I go to work on Monday that they will have my onramp open!