Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We Made It!

We are in our new house in Spokane, staying in the downstairs apartment. It already feels like home, except that there is nowhere to sit but on a loveseat that I brought in the back of the truck. We have been to Fred Meyers three times in two days, I guess he really is my boyfriend! If by boyfriend you mean store that has swallowed $300.00 of mine in 36 hours. I'm sure we have a couple of dates left in us before Monday when we leave.
So far I have only found one thing not to like about Spokane. It is that the lines on the roads are very hard to see or just not there. Many a driver has been irritated with me because I thought I was going down a one lane road, when really I was straddling two lanes! I really need to get with the program on that one.
Today Leo went ice skating and we went to the Target down past the Y. I hope there is a closer one than that to us. Tomorrow we are venturing down Sprague to see what we can see.
Later this week I am meeting up with my new Spokane blog friends, which I think is the coolest thing about this trip, I love meeting new people.
So that's it so far. Gotta go, Fred is calling!

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Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about the lines on the roads! Usually in a few weeks or so they get repainted. All the winter weather and snow plows scrap them off.

Then again, they are redoing the viaduct this summer so I imagine they probably won't bother with those lines.

There is a Target at Evergreen and Sprague. I hate that there isn't a closer one. It's the one store I think we're missing from downtown!