Friday, March 03, 2006

An Addendum to Last Night's Post

I believe it was Random Blathering #2 that touched on the fact that I have high blood pressure. It should also be noted that three days prior to this diagnosis I was given a prescription for bifocals. Ok, I understand that these are 2 common things that show up in people my age, but THE SAME WEEK??? Come on!

See these 2 men? On the left is my Grandpa, on the right is my Uncle Otto. The drinks they are drinking are screwdrivers, I know this because my mom called these glasses The Screwdriver Glasses. This picture is one of the slides, taken pre-1965 because my grandpa was still alive. They are both dead now. This morning I drank a glass of milk out of the one remaining Screwdriver Glass. And I have been reminded by this week's diagnosis-es that I will one day be dead too. Maybe I should go make myself a Screwdriver!

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