Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

So Leo and I are back at home, no, at my house in California, it really doesn't feel too much like home anymore. Needless to say, the trip to Spokane was a huge success and I am now highly motivated to clean up and sell my house ASAP even though I can't leave until June. Since my computer time was extremely limited for the past nine days, I actually wrote down on paper about one of my days in Spokane, and now I would like to reprint it here for you the faithful reader, so that you may know just how much enjoyment I get out of the mundane and why this blog is aptly named Awful Lot of Nothing. Here Goes---


The title of this post is obviously a take off on Ferris Bueller's Day Off, because I feel like I had a big adventure in a new city today. Granted, I did not play hooky from school and sing "Twist and Shout" in a parade, but I had a great day nonetheless. It started with a trip to the Rocket Bakery in my neighborhood, where I had a white chocolate mocha that tasted like cake. It was by far better than that big coffee chain's version. I'm so glad I can get there in like 2 minutes from my house!
Armed with my delicious coffee, we drove out north to Lilac Lanes to go bowling. Leo persuaded me to bowl with him, which is something I haven't done in a long time because of my bad foot that I had surgery on a year ago. Well, my foot is better now! I was able to use my normal approach and bowled a 118, which used to be my average when I bowled on league. So I was happy with that!
Then we started back down Division and stopped at Grocery Outlet, bought a few little things, and wished that there was one closer to my new house.
On down Division we went, we were hungry so we stopped at Taco Time, which I had never been to before. I ordered a combo that came with two tacos, some crunchy Mexican fries and a drink. Imagine my surprise when my mexican fries turned out to be TOTS!! I LOVE TOTS!!! Here I was eating Tots right next door to Idaho, I was practically Napoleon Dynamite, except for the red hair and moon boots. And the dancing.
Then we went down Division some more until we came to Burgan's Furniture Store. I will be getting some new couches and chairs in June so I thought I'd browse. So we get in the store, and the inside of it looks EXACTLY like Holman's Department Store in Pacific Grove where I spent my weekends going shopping with my mom and grandma when I was a kid. These buildings were practically identical; same mezzanine, same glass block windows, same stairways in the same places, it was SO COOL!! I had as much fun looking at the building as I did looking at the furniture.
We came home for a little break, then we went to Susie's Laundromat, which is right next door to Huckleberry's at 9th and Monroe. It was the nicest laundromat I have ever been to. Clean, friendly, uncrowded and with good machines, it was a great laundry experience!
Then we went over to Grand and up up up to the Rocket Market. If you have been there I don't need to tell you what a cool cool store that is! I almost ordered another white chocolate mocha, but I refrained. After all, I will be having one again tomorrow!
By this time we were hungry again, Leo wanted Jack in the Box, so I decided to go east down Sprague Ave. to se what was down there. We found a Jack's, and lo and behold, there was a Big K Mart AND another Grocery Outlet! We ate dinner and then went over to the Grocery Outlet, and it was huge! Way better that the one we have in CA and closer to home as well.
We got home this evening where I proceeded to write all this down so I wouldn't forget about my great day!

So there you have it, my day in Spokane. And that was just one day of seven. Every day there were nice people we met, fun places we went, and by the time we left yesterday I wished I didn't have to go. But that's okay, we will be back in June!


Faythe said...

Our kitchen table and chairs came from Burgans! I love that store! I know you also went to the White Elephant store while you were here, there's also another one in the Valley that's next to a really cool Liquidation Store that sells odds and ends and also furniture and the occasional washer/dryer/air conditioner. Ryan and I bought a beautiful dark green leather manly man's chair for only $300 there. When you come up, we should go shopping together!

Faythe said...

I meant, "when you come up for good". Darn my itchy trigger finger hitting the send before I finished proof-reading!!