Sunday, March 05, 2006

Goodbye Sanfords

Today we are going to a going away party for our friends the Sanfords. I worked with Nicole for four years and our sons Leo and Maurice have been best friends since Kindergarten. Now they are moving to Texas, as tired of California as we are, with an opportunity to live a better life somewhere else. Nicole and Charlie are my friends, and I'm sure we'll keep in touch via the phone and internet, but for kids it's different. I remember when I was a kid and other kids would move just across town but I never saw them again. And while we are a more electronically connected society now, 11 year old boys don't want to email, they want to sit on the floor together playing video games, or shoot each other with nerf darts. Leo and Maurice's best chance of seeing each other ever again is if Leo comes back here in the summer to visit his dad while Maurice is back here visiting his grandparents. As the parents, we have to really try and make that happen. Until then we all will have the memories of movies and parties and classroom field trips and sleepovers.

Goodbye Maurice!

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