Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Greek Blogger Summit

On Sunday night I had the great privilege of attending the Sunday Night Supper Club at the home of a gal named Sara who lives in a little town outside of Spokane. The theme was Greek food, and it was all very delicious. However, I must say that I enjoyed the company even more. There were four of us, Faythe, who also happens to be my neighbor, Jennifer, Sara and myself. We drank a nice bottle of red wine that I bought on the recommendation of the wine guy at Huckleberry's. This guy really knew his wine, so since I told him we were having Greek food, he also recommended a white wine, also Greek, by the name of Retsina, which apparently is Greek for watered down Pine Sol, because that's what it tasted like. We all drank some and made faces and laughed at each other, so I guess that's what the wine guy meant when he said Retsina was a fun little wine.
Anyway, I "met" these gals through reading their blogs, leaving comments on them, and them reading my blog and leaving comments on it. It is very interesting striking up an aquaintance with someone over the internet and then meeting them later. I felt like I had an idea of what these gals were going to be like, and I hoped that when I actually met them that they would match up with those ideas. All I can say is that the experience was like comparing a still frame to a movie, you get so much more out of a movie than out of a single frame. These gals were funny, smart and talented, and even though I brought a bottle of wine that nearly did us in, they are graciously allowing me to come back to the Supper Club upon my return to Spokane in July. I can't wait. I wonder what will happen when they find out I can't cook?


Jennifer said...


I think I'm going to put this on my epitaph.

It was great meeting you Karla! We'll see you in June.

Faythe said...

What? You can't cook??

I'm sure you can cook just fine. Just don't bring any Sandra Lee type foods over, and all should go well.