Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thoughts on American Idol

I love American Idol. It is the slickest reality show on TV, and I use the word reality loosely. The only thing resembling real on that show is when America votes and people are eliminated. But all the stuff leading up to it, I don't think there's much reality to it. Which is fine! I love the way the auditions are presented, but you know that when that tan makeup chick and her mother came along, some producer told Simon to ask to see the mother, because it was funnier that way. And it was! It's not often we as TV viewers get to see multi-generational humiliation (not counting Jerry Springer). And you know that the producers had a bunch of bad singers do Lady Marmalade, just so they could have a montage of it at the end of the show. That was a riot, I sure hope Patti LaBelle was watching, I'll bet she got a kick out of that. My personal highlights of last night's show were:
1) The deputy sheriff who sang "I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot the deputy" over and over like 10 times while dressed in his deputy uniform. Someone should have shot that deputy!
2) The 2 chicks who were debating whether or not singing ability was what got you to Hollywood. This theory was proven when the spazz who couldn't sing got pushed on to Hollywood simply because he couldn't stand still.
Can't wait for tonight. American Idol AND Lost, woo hoo! Maybe I can get Steve to tivo Skating with Celebrities, then my night would be complete!

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