Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fun with Sudoku

I have recently discovered the worldwide craze that is Sudoku. For the three people left who don't know what that is, Sudoku is a number puzzle, you fill in the numbers where they should go. If you google sudoku you will find lots of websites. Anyway, I have the hang of it to the point where I can do the easy puzzles in pen not pencil. There is one website called www.websudoku.com where you play online and it times you and will also tell you how fast you are compared to everyone else who plays on that site. Well, I have never gotten higher than BELOW AVERAGE. Today I was quick, only 73% of players were faster than me, usually it's 80-90%. I don't have much hopes of getting faster, I'm just grateful I can get through the easy puzzles. I am currently working up the courage to do a medium one. Maybe today will be the day!

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