Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Don't Tell Dolly or Grace

But I love our cat Blossom the best. Actually she is Leo's cat, and even though she loves Leo, she loves me too. When I was sick with the flu for 2 days last month she never left my side, she put her little paw on my hand and comforted me in her sweet kitty way. Once I felt better she made herself scarce, not sleeping on my bed, not coming when I call her, and only sitting with Leo or Max. I blame it on the catnip toy we got her, she just wasn't in her right mind. But yesterday and today she has been very needy and cuddly, following me around the house and sitting wherever I happen to be. As I type this she is laying right in front of me next to the monitor. I am going to try this html thing that Max tried to teach me the other night and get a picture from my computer of her, hold on:

Well I was informed by Max that all the pictures I had on my computer of Blossom are too big and that I would have to resize them, yeah, like I know how to do that! So instead I give you a picture of my new house in Spokane. Which is almost as cute as Blossom and a lot bigger but not as soft.

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