Friday, January 06, 2006

I Cannot Believe

that it has been 2 and a half months since I have graced my blog with a post. I figure that nobody reads it anyway, but still I think it is good writing practice for me and helps me to remember my life because my short term memory is shot from all the years of pot smoking. My long term memory is better but still selective. The problem is that I am not the one selecting the memories. If I was, the lyrics from all the crappy 70's songs would be erased, but no, and now my 11 year old son can tell you what the song "Wildfire" is about. He can also tell you about Afternoon Delight and Muskrat Love.
I am a bad mom.
Anyway, I was going to talk about how I bought a house in Spokane in November, and how now it is official and how we are so excited, etc, but I got off track. But you know what I always say, where would I be if I wasn't off track? I know--I'd be on track, but what is the fun of that?
I am already packing up stuff for the move, it is a huge task so I figured if I did some everyday that I'd be done by June. So far so good.
OK I'm tired now and ready for bed. Lately I have to get completely exhausted before I go to bed, otherwise I will lay there with my brain on overdrive. Well it was fun to post again, hopefully I won't wait so long, or maybe time just won't go by so fast, yeah right!


Faythe said...

Hi Karla! Read your comment on my blog and just wanted to say "Welcome to the neighborhood!". I know you won't be here until June, but you picked a good time to move to Spokane! Everything will be beautiful and green. Elm is a very pretty street, so you did well. I've probably walked by the house you bought a hundred times!

Michele said...

Hello Karla, if you stop bicycling 2 miles before you get to your new house, you can stop by to visit me. I'm just up the South Hill from you and Faythe. In fact Faythe and I lived within a few blocks of each other in San Francisco and met each other at the Supper Club here in Spokane.

Your new neighborhood is gorgeous. I hope your move goes well, I'm curious about why you chose Spokane. I was raised here and am loving being back.