Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm on a roll now!

This is the aforementioned Blossom. Max took the picture in black and white which seems kind of redundant since the cat is black and white anyway. She is the best, the cutest and the softest, but I will let you judge for yourself.

This is Grace. She was skinny when we got her from a shelter, but I think that she thinks that every meal could be her last. Also she has a neighborhood route where she gets food from 2 other houses. Grace is not the smartest or most agile cat, but we love her very much.

And this is Dolly. She is a diva. She will only drink running water from the bathroom sink faucet and will not let you pet her below her head. She is very pretty and smart too.

This picture thing is cool. Knowledge is power!

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Faythe said...

Love your cats! I can never get enough cat pictures. I had a tortoiseshell named Zoe who was also a major diva. Actually, I've never met a tortoiseshell that wasn't!