Saturday, January 07, 2006

Communication Quandry

May I just start by saying that I love the internet. I have met (virtually anyway) lots of really cool people from all over. Not to mention being able to buy stuff while in my nightgown! That being said...
I have been communicating recently with a couple of gals (girls? ladies? I like gal because to me it a hybrid of girl and pal. ok back on track Karla) from Spokane. I found one of them (Faythe) on a blog. I left a comment on her blog and she was nice enough to send a comment back to me. Now today one of her friends has left a comment but I'm not sure how to get a message back to her (Michele). So I am going to put my email on Faythe's blog and hope that she reads it or maybe Faythe will be nice enough to pass on the message. I bet she will because everyone I have met from Spokane is super nice, even if they are from somewhere else. Which is good because I am not only super nice but funny too. And I'm from somewhere else (my kids think it's another planet, but they're only part right, it's California). So I hope to fit right in when I get up there in June. Which is right aroung the corner, I better go pack some more boxes!

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