Sunday, June 29, 2008


So yesterday we did the whole asian market thing, where Faythe bought the dreaded Durian fruit (her story is here). It was very interesting and amusing sometimes too. As we were driving down Sprague past the bingo hall, Jennifer expressed a desire to play bingo. So plans were hastily made, and last night Jennifer and I (Faythe pooped out after her epic durian battle) ventured into the seedy bingo underbelly of Spokane.

At least that is what we were hoping for. But it wasn't! It was bright, clean, friendly, well-organized and a lot of fun! Armed with our bingo daubers, we each bought $12 worth of cards and sat down to play. We were intimidated at first because clearly we were surrounded by professionals. But the workers were very helpful and before you knew it we were in the zone. We did not have all the bingo accessories that were everywhere around us, but I made a list for next time. Apparently this is what you need.

1) A bingo bag. This will keep all your bingo stuff neat and organized.
2) Bingo Daubers. You need a lot of these, like at least 10. And you need them in many colors so you can color coordinate your ink with your card. I came with a green one and left with a green one AND a blue one, clearly I am on my way!
3) A troll or a Beanie Baby. This is for luck. Not sure if it really works, because there was a lady who won twice and I didn't see a troll OR a beanie baby in front of her.

There are other more detailed accesories, but these are the basics I think.

The bingo hall didn't seem very crowded for a Saturday night, which I couldn't understand because the place is totally air conditioned and it was 90 degrees outside. Plus they have a full kitchen where I went off my diet and ate mini corndogs, they were great! Jennifer and I agreed that playing bingo is a good way to spend a few hours, so now we are looking for other bingo halls around Spokane to try. Any suggestions?

Why carry a purse when you can carry this?

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