Friday, June 27, 2008

Moisture! I Need Moisture!

That is a line from Lost In Space where Dr. Zachary Smith is turned into a stalk of celery. But lately it is true for me. I have been on a cream, body butter, lotion and moisturizer bender of late. I peruse amazon and beauty product review websites in an attempt to find the perfect product that will make my dry skin soft and supple, turning back the evil hands of time and changing me back from a raisin into a grape. I prowl the beauty aisles of stores, reading ingredient labels like I know what they mean, comparing one to another, agonizing over which one will be the magic elixer.

What the hell is wrong with me? I have never given a rat's patoot about all this crap up until now. I might be having a mid life issue, it is NOT a crisis. Yet. I think I have finally accepted at age almost 47 that I am not 23 anymore. It has prompted some changes, mostly good ones. But this is just weird.

Anyone have a great beauty product they can recommend?


Kate said...

Ahava makes great hand and body creams. I don't know where you can get it here, though. It's available at Sephora. Also, all of the lotions and creams from Lush are great. I'm a lotion-obsessed freak.

marrusso said...

Karla - I have recently discovered my youth potion. Cleopatra's Secret from It has all natural ingredients and smells like herbs. I love love love it!