Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Greetings From The Sidelines

Yesterday if you were at Puerta Vallarta mexican restaurant on Sprague in the valley at about 12:30 pm, you got to witness me executing one of the most spectacular and embarrassing falls of my life. And if you took a video of it, when you win the $10,000 from Americas Funniest Videos, please split the money with me. After all, I was the buffoon!

Anyway, I fell. And tore the crap out of my right hamstring. I went home at lunch and aside from a trip to the Rockwood Clinic, have been here ever since. Can I just say that a torn hamstring hurts like hell? I am managing with ice and advil, but I am bored to tears. Plus I can't go grocery shopping, which sucks bad. If Max here it would be ok, but he is not due back from CA for 6 more days. I think I will be sending Leo to Rosauer's with my debit card today.

Here is the ironic part. I have been eating better and working out for the past two months, and have lost 18 pounds and feel like I am in the best shape I have been in in years. Now I have to sit and be in pain? Yuck! Hopefully my recovery time will be faster because I'm in a bit better shape. Wish me luck!


Jennifer said...

Karla!!! I'm unemployed. Let me be at your beck and call. Anything you need I can do. =)

Get better!

Sara said...

Hope you feel better soon!!

marrusso said...

Oh no!! Karla I'm so sorry!!!