Sunday, June 22, 2008

Terribly Unimportant Things (Mostly)

1) This one is kind of important to me though. I would like to say thank you to all the people who expressed sympathy for my stupid leg injury and especially for the offers to help. You all may be getting calls soon. To help. Because I went to the Awesome Wal-Mart yesterday and it took me like an hour to buy 10 things, I am walking that slowly. If you enjoy walking slowly and going to Costco then call me, because today is your lucky day! I will be leaving as soon as the Ibuprofin kicks in.

2) Here is something! Friday was Leo's birthday, and we went up to The Scoop for some ice cream. I had Apple Mint Sorbet. Outstanding! Oh the hell with Costco, let's go to The Scoop again.

3) Apparently when you tear a muscle in your leg it bleeds. I know this because the back of my leg is black and blue. That also explains why it hurts so much just to sit down.

4) I got a Clarisonic! I have used it once and already I look younger. I'm going to keep using it and looking younger and younger until my outside age matches my inside age. Which is twelve. Plus I am using Olay face products lately, which is just one more way that I am turning into my mother. All she ever used on her face was Oil of Olay, and she looked young until she started looking older, which was like age 75.

5) Max comes back Tuesday. I miss him. Leo doesn't like to go anywhere with me, doesn't he realize how much fun going to Costco with his mother is? I mean, he's 14 now, surely he has nothing better to do than help me decide Hot Pockets or Frozen Pizzas? Please!

6) On August 2nd, Tower of Power AND The Average White Band are coming to play TOGETHER at Northern Quest Casino. WOOHOO!! It goes without saying that I will be there. But will anyone be going with me? That is up to you all. If you want to go with, let me know soon, as I will be getting the ticket(s) in a few days. I really don't want to go by myself, but I will if I am forced to. Don't make me!

(Okay I just spent half an hour on Youtube trying to find a good TOP video to link to but they are all good and I couldn't decide so just go to Youtube yourself.)

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