Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quiznos and Their FSA Salads

Okay, since I've been eating low carb, I have been doing a lot of salads and my absolute favorite one of all of them and believe me I have had them all, is the Chicken Caesar Salad at Quiznos. Let me clarify that. The Chicken Caesar Salad at the Quiznos in Airway Heights. I am absolutely hooked on it. It's pretty simple, really--chicken, lettuce, onion, parmesan cheese and dressing. But it is so good! It is like the crack of salads! They put a lot of chicken on it, and use fresh grated parmesan that is flaky like it just came off the block. And the dressing, oh man is it ever good. So the first one I had was at the Quizno's in Airway Heights by the Awesome Wal-Mart. (If you don't know why that Wal-Mart is awesome, just go there and check it out.) But the only time it makes sense for me to go to that Quizno's is when I am making a trip to the Awesome Wal-Mart. Which is not as often as I want that salad! So I have been trying it at some of the other Quizno's in the area. First I went to the one at the bottom of Grand Ave. I was terribly disappointed. First of all, the chicken was in big chunks, not in little pieces. Secondly, they forgot my flatbread, which even though I only eat one out of the four pieces they give you, still sucked that they forgot it. The explanation I got from the gal behind the counter was that her and her co-worker were brand new and there was nobody there to help them figure out how to make a stupid salad. (She didn't say it quite like that, but you get the picture.) And I could tell that the salad was going to suck just by the way she was making it, but I took it and went home with my FSA Salad.

I cannot come right out and tell you what FSA stands for because they are all swear words and I try really hard not to swear. But if you have known me for a long time, you have heard these words used in this order to describe plenty of things that are not good.

So then today I was up north and I thought I'd try my luck with the Quizno's at Mission and Divison. What a mistake that was. This one was even worse than the one on Grand! Not enough lettuce or chicken, plus they used the wrong kind of cheese. Oh and by the way, when you ask me if onions are okay to put on, I didn't mean two handfuls of them! Another FSA Salad!!

Now, I realize that Quizno's are franchises and each one does things their own way. So let me tell you, I have done the work, I have suffered for my salad. Just go to the Quizno's in Airway Heights. At this point I am afraid to go to any of the other ones.

And while I am in rant mode, could someone please do something about the ruts in the middle of the intersection at 2nd and Maple? It's terrible!!

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Anonymous said...

Did you try the one on regal on the upper south hill? I haven't been, but it's another one to try!