Friday, June 06, 2008

Future Plans, Near and Far

Today is Friday and that means that tomorrow I am going to see The Farm Chicks! They didn't have a show last year, so I am very excited to go.
But here is something that is really exciting, to me anyway.
Hard Rock Park!
My friend Elizabeth called me from Oklahoma and told me that we are going next year! She also told me that my Official Best Friend Tami has to come with us and it is my job to convince her. See, Elizabeth is older than us, she is already 47 and we are only 46, so I guess that makes her the boss. That is why I am going to the Bullriding Championships in Las Vegas with her this November. Because she said so.
Anyway, I am firing the first shot to you, Tami. I know Bill reads this blog pretty regularly. So Bill, help me out here. I am still 43 days older than you Tami and that gives me power (in my mind) so you have to come with us next year to the Hard Rock Park. Come on! Led Zeppelin--The Ride! Need I convince you any further?? I promise we won't almost die like when we went on the Zipper that last time. You will be hearing from me soon! Love ya!

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