Thursday, January 03, 2008

I keep meaning to write about Evel Knievel, but stuff keeps coming up.

So I'm watching tv tonight, stuff that I recorded earlier. It's no secret that I record and watch Soul Train, so I was watching one from the Disco Era and the singer was Cheryl Lynn singing "Got To Be Real". Don Cornelius was talking to her and I was reminded that she got her start as a contestant on The Gong Show, which immediately sent me to YouTube to look for Gong Show clips.
Let me tell you about my teenage devotion to The Gong Show. I loved that show so much that I would cut my junior US History class and go to Doug's house with him and Tami, smoke a joint and watch The Gong Show. EVERY DAY. Needless to say I failed History and had to take it again as a senior with all the juniors. But it was worth it! Oh how I loved that Gene Gene the Dancing Machine and the Unknown Comic, and especially the host Chuck Barris because he was crazy and funny and he pushed the envelope and the censors until they cancelled the show. My kind of guy!
So anyway, I went to YouTube and found bunches of clips. I watched a lot of them, but this one is my favorite, it just sums up the show for me.
Thank You Gong Show, you not only totally enhanced my teenage stoner life, but this evening as well!

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