Sunday, January 27, 2008


It has been snowing for 25 hours straight. KHQ has preempted regular programming for full time storm coverage. I am watching the news on the internet, since our DirecTV dish is full of snow and the tv is not working. I guess this is the worst snow storm in 15 years, and before it is over we will have another 9-15" of snow on top of the 13" we just got. And for the first time, I referred to snow as crap. As in, "I have to shovel all that crap!" Oh well, just another adventure!

I took some pictures this morning of my house and street, here they are:

This is my balcony. I already shovelled it because the snow is very wet and heavy, and I didn't want my balcony to collapse.

These are the stairs leading to my house. We shovelled a path last night but as you can see there is more shovelling to be done. These next three pictures were taken from the same spot in the street. My house, then the street looking south, then north.

All I can say is wow. Think of me tomorrow morning as I make my way to work. Meanwhile I will be comforting myself with memories of happier times.

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