Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tonight I Am A Traitor

One of the things I like about Spokane is that we have college sports teams and even though I don't really follow sports I still support our local Zags, Cougs, etc.

Well, not tonight.

Tonight, the Gonzaga Bulldogs are in Los Angeles playing the Loyola-Marymount Lions, a game which Gonzaga is most likely going to win. And I am watching the game as I type this, but tonight I am cheering for the Lions. One Lion in particular. His name is Orlando Johnson and we are related. Sort of. He is the cousin of my niece's husband. I just saw him at Christmas, he is a good kid, very polite and humble. He is a very talented basketball player, and I wish him a long and prosperous career.

So, citizens of Spokane, please do not hang me in the town square because I am not rooting for the home team tonight. Thank You.


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