Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here We Go

Here is the Christmas decorating progress so far:

I just had to go back to this post so I could see where I put what last year. It is still November so I am getting an early start on the decorating this year.

By the way, Thanksgiving (it seems a lot longer than 3 days ago) was a big success! We are still working our way through the leftovers, it was mostly all really good. And by mostly I mean that the stuffing sucked!

Anyway, my big plans to have the house all decorated this weekend are falling through fast. But that's okay, because except for the boys, my christmas shopping is done! Since we are going down to California for Christmas this year, I ordered all my family's gifts online and had them shipped to my sister's house. Just another reason to love the internet! So far the best most appropriate gift I bought is for my nephew and his wife.

IF YOUR NAME IS JEREMY SEEBA OR JENNY SEEBA, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!! I mean it!! You will only be spoiling your christmas. I know, because I found my christmas gifts in my sister's closet when I was 12 and I peeked and it was clothes and they were ugly and my christmas was ruined! SO DON'T CLICK IT JEREMY AND JENNY!!

Everyone else click here.

Awesome, huh? You just can't find that stuff outside of the internet!

OK I have spent enough time on here, time to decorate!

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