Thursday, November 15, 2007


Grace is our cat who had the leg that stopped working and for a minute we thought it was going to be amputated but now she seems to be doing better. At first she just dragged the leg behind her, but now she is walking on it pretty well.

At the time we took her to the vet, he told us that we should stop feeding her canned cat food because she is too fat for a cat. She was skinny when we brought her home from the shelter but she eats every meal like it's the only one she's ever going to get. She eats her food and the other two cats' leftovers, not stopping until it's all gone. Well, at least that is how it was with the canned food. Now that we have switched to dry food only for all the cats, she doesn't seem to be eating as much as she used to. This has led to a change in her behavior.

Grace has become a beggar.

Whenever we are making something in the kitchen, Grace is now there too, staring at the food and meowing. Sometimes she is subtle: She will meow to get my attention and then once I'm looking at her she just stares at the food and then back at me. Other times she is more blatant:

It's kind of funny but sad at the same time. Max tried to give her a noodle but she didn't like it. She just misses her canned food! Max wants to get Grace a can of cat food for Christmas but I think that would be torturous to her. Meanwhile, we are all getting tired of the begging. Suggestions, anyone?

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