Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gearing Up

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

So last night I started cooking. I made the stuffing and also the spinach dip. I was totally stressed out because I have little idea about cooking and no creativity. Plus, I am trying to replicate my sister's thanksgiving dishes, so the pressure is on. So naturally, when I'm having a cracker crisis in the middle of Rosauers, my sister is nowhere to be reached! In fact, she was unreachable the whole night! The nerve!!! I mean, how am I supposed to know if she puts water chestnuts (which according to the recipe, are optional) in her spinach dip if she won't pick up the phone!! So I just took deep breaths and soldiered on. The main reason I got through cooking at all last night is because I played Wild Planet by The B-52's, it calmed me right down and got me singing, and by the time the CD was over, everything was made!

Look, real ingredients in my trash can, not just fast food wrappers--

Oh yeah, that little Snickers bar helped me get through it too.

So this morning I am not too stressed out because we are Rotissering the turkey. Steve is taking care of it, so all I have to do is Set It And Forget It!! I'm putting the sweet potatoes in the oven at noon and everything else after that. I just have to clean up a bit and them I am set. I may need some more good music to get me through the gravy making portion of the program. I'm thinking DEVO.

Hope everything goes well in your kitchens today and that you are with people you love! Happy Happy!

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