Sunday, January 28, 2007


This is the weekend that Dana is here visiting the boys. They were out all day yesterday, leaving me at loose ends and bored by 9AM. So I emailed my friend Faythe with my plight and she came to the rescue. We went to the yarn store where I got supplies for a hat that I wanted to make. Faythe was generous with her time and expertise and before I knew it I was crocheting a hat! We did take a break to go to Sonnenberg's Meat Market and Cassano's Italian Deli and do a little shopping. It was my first time to both places and I was impressed with them both. I bought some sausage meat, bread and meatballs, I'm looking forward to trying them soon. Anyway, later in the evening I watched figure skating, and also ripped out my hat and started over with a smaller hook. I am trying to follow the pattern with no modifications, and I had been using a larger hook than what was called for.

So today my exciting plans are:

1) Return a library book.
2) Buy a new comb.
3) Do a little grocery shopping.
4) Go to ShopKo for no reason in particular.
5) Come home and work on my hat.

Don't you wish you were me, do you think you could possibly handle such heart-stopping excitement? I think not.

Happy Sunday to you.

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