Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Comb!

This might sound odd, but I have had the same comb since I was a teenager. My mom bought if for me from her hairdresser when I was about 15. That means that I have had my comb for 30 years. It is kind of small, it has an odd shaped handle that looks like the end of a bone, therefore I call it the Bone Comb. I have kept it for so long because it is one of the few combs that doesn't break my fine hair. On the handle is the name Rembrandt and Made In Germany. It is a really good comb.

So imagine my shock when I go in my bathroom to use it the other day and find this:


Now, I know that I did not break those teeth. I asked both my children and neither one will cop to it. I know that Dolly hangs out by the sink in there, but I can't imagine a cat breaking off two teeth of a comb. AND the broken teeth are nowhere to be found, what's up with that?

So, now what do I do? It's not that big of a comb, 2 teeth make a big difference. Do I try to find another one on the internet? Do I just suck it up and buy some inferior comb? I do not know which way to turn. all I can say for sure is that it's The End Of An Era.

The Bone Comb will remain in the drawer until I have the courage to part with it.

UPDATE! Max found a comb tooth on the floor of my bathroom.
That's all. Not much of an update, is it?

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jennifer n said...

Nobody ever knows anything about broken things at my house...I only know I did not break it. It's funny how that works.