Friday, January 05, 2007

My Kids Keep Growing!

And unfortunately they have grown to the point where they no longer fit in my car. And seeing as this situation was not going to remedy itself, after all, Leo is getting taller all the time, my destiny became clear. There was going to be a new car in our future. After much internet browsing, three words became the criteria for a new car--Sliding Rear Seat. For all the luxurious options and space that new cars have, almost all of them are sorely lacking in rear leg room. And I wanted a back seat that 6'2" Max could be comfy in. Thankfully the one car that fit the bill was made by a brand I have been loyal to in the past--Toyota. So we went to the car lot and got us a RAV4! It is a base model so it's pretty no-frills, but it's still super nice. And it gets better gas mileage than my Subaru that I traded in. Best of all, nobody is fighting over the front seat and bitterly complaining when they have to sit in the back. For that alone it was worth every penny, believe me. Or as my mom would say, believe you me.

See you on the road!


Jennifer said...

Oh! Oh! How pretty!

What color?

Karla said...

It's dark blue, it is pretty!