Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Peer Pressured

Faythe didn't even know she was peer pressuring me when she blogged about getting a pizza from Benneditos last night. Well, she was, so of course we had to get one too. My kids and I can never agree on pizza, and the past pizzas we have had at Benneditos were good but almost too good with way over the top flavor that had me burping garlic the next day. But the one we got tonight is the best. Margarita is her name. No meat, just cheese, basil and fresh tomatoes. Even Leo liked it. Plus because it had no meat it was one of the less expensive pizzas on the menu. It was a real winner tonight, unlike most of the people on American Idol. Yes I am talking to you, Ian Benardo!

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Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

I wish I could order the margherita, but the guys are strictly meat pizza only (which doesn't include girly chicken). That's the only problem with Doug being there is that I'm outnumbered! If it was just me and Ryan I would at least have a chance of having my pizza choice be heard.