Monday, January 15, 2007

Flu TV

I am finally over the flu I have had for too many days. All I did was sleep and watch TV. Four days worth of TV. Here are the highlights.

1) "Pollyanna" -- Hayley Mills finest moment, along with "The Parent Trap". I usually cry at the end but my kids were making fun of her paralyzing accident, particularly the line where Nancy basically says the good thing about being paralyzed is that now we can all eat steak and ice cream every day. Wow, I didn't realize that Pollyanna had to become a paraplegic so that I could eat steak, not to mention ice cream!

2) "The Princess Bride" -- We all enjoyed this one. I hadn't seen it in quite a while. Highly recommended.

3) "Under The Tuscan Sun" -- Hey, I'm a chick, this is a chick flick. Okay?

4) "Drunken Kung Fu" -- I was intrigued by the title, but it turned out to be a soap opera, I think. It was hard to tell because it was dubbed from Chinese into a different Asian language, perhaps Korean. It was odd, and not very entertaining since I fell asleep shortly after putting it on. When I woke up, Leo was watching it, which cracked me up.

5) "Living with Ed" -- It's a new show on HGTV about Ed Begley Jr. and his superficial wife. Ed took a tour of Jay Leno's car collection, which was very cool. Max walked in and said, "I thought this show was called Living with ED!", which was very funny.

So anyway, those are the higlights of the last four days. I am so glad to be feeling better!

Thanks, Pollyanna!


Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! I think the stomach flu must be going around because now my boss Diane has it.

jennifer n said...

We missed you on Sunday!