Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday Evening Express Lane--10 Items Or Less

1) I had one of those "it just doesn't get any better than this" moments the other day. It happened late last week during lunchtime. I was: a) sitting in my new car, b) watching it snow outside, c) eating tots from Taco Time, and d) listening to "Pick Up The Pieces" by Average White Band. Need I say more?

2) The toothbrush that my dentist recently gave me is the best non-motorized toothbrush I have ever used. I can really feel it getting between my teeth! It's a Colgate brand toothbrush, that's all I know.

3) The litter that we are currently using in the cat box is not our regular one, it's scented. So instead of smelling nothing, now we smell poop and perfume, it's gross! I may have to get a new litter box to get rid of the stink.

4) If you want to laugh, here is a website for you. We found some good Engrish at the Dollar Store, here it is:

We had to buy them, they were so funny, and they were only a dollar.

5) It is one thing to say you are going to eat at home more, but it is another thing entirely to do it.

6) That being said, I lost another 1.4 lbs this week at Jenny Craig and now I am 27 pounds down!

7) I taught Leo how to play rummy, we have been enjoying it a lot.

8) A big THANK YOU goes out to my sister Susan Lynn for the New Year's cookies. We decided that next year we can do without the holly and would like more of the chocolate cookies with the white chips, and also more lemon bars.

OK I think that's it.

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