Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why I have been quiet, expect more of the same.

It has been a bit of a rough week for me. Not nearly as rough as it has been on my brother. He has been in the hospital for a while now, and the whole situation has really brought me down this week. It has been all I could do to get through work and home stuff. I am totally emotionally drained.

But today I was cheered up a bit by the following things.

1) Did you know that The Best of Soul Train comes on Saturdays here at 11:00 just like it did when I was a teenager? It is so great! I had to

2) call my best friend Tami and tell her about it, which turned into a 2 hour hen party, and it was just what I needed to help me feel better for a while.

3) Plus, now I am going to crochet some more on my hat, which is only going to fit me if I am a Conehead, but that's ok, I will still be able to zone out a bit.

So that is why I haven't felt like posting much, and why you may not hear much from me for a while until we all feel better.

PS Tzami if you are reading this you MUST click on the Soul Train link girlfriend.

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